Core Services

Core Services

Owners, developers and architects seeking distinctive technical architectural structures and enclosures and have three fundamental requirements – Design, Time and Price. At Novum, we are committed to satisfying those core principles and have built a flexible international team of committed specialists focused on the sole goal of providing client satisfaction through value. Value is created by being a single source specialty contractor with the experience, innovative thinking, technical skills, quality, practicality, ability to self-perform and history of delivering on expectations. Repeated and ongoing business are testimony to over 30 years of proven single source responsibility performance from concept through warranty.

Think Global, Act Local. Clients are local, yet meeting their expectations for specialty items today is globally driven. Novum provides local sales, project and field management services supported by a network of in-house international experts, strategic global supply and sound quality control.

Our team provides a comprehensive set of services designed to exceed client goals and expectations:

Novum Preconstruction Services are industry leading and create excellent client value by quickly determining the appropriate balance between design and price early in the process. Select those services which suit your project from an extensive menu.

Construction Services proactively deliver completed projects on time. Novum has local project and site management teams that coordinate a support organization to provide engineering, fabrication, supply and installation while ensuring superior schedule adherence.

Post Construction. We stand behind our warranties and offer maintenance, glass and membrane replacement services.

Facilities Management + OEM. Our facilities team provides access, maintenance, repair and replacement services beyond our own projects. Our membrane and steel fabrication factories deliver materials to strategic partners.

Preconstruction Services

  • Baseline Level
  • Geometry and Concept Design
  • Product Application Advice
  • Engineering Basics
  • Preliminary Budgets
  • Performance Data
  • Typical Details
  • Outline Specifications
  • Typical Lead Times
  • Written Proposals


  • Specialist Level
  • Designer Assist Program
  • Design to Budget
  • Integrated Product Solutions
  • Preconstruction Engineering
  • Renderings
  • Project Specific Input
  • Method Statements
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Detailed Schedule
  • Program Development for Branding Roll Outs
  • Formal Proposals

Construction Services

  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Sourcing + Supply
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • QA/QC

Post Construction Services

  • Warranty Support
  • Maintenance
  • Glass Replacement

Facilities Management + OEM

  • Glass Replacement Services
  • ETFE System Maintenance Contracts
  • Glass + Membrane Cleaning
  • Repair, Restoration + Renovation
  • Abseiling and Access
  • Strategic Fabrication Partnerships

Preconstruction Services

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Construction Services

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Post Construction Services

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Facilities Management + OEM

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Preconstruction Services

Experience Driven Advice. Novum offers a broad range of preconstruction services to assist architects, contractors and owners in the timely development of a project, be it at schematic, design development or into the construction document stage. The earlier our engagement in the process the more beneficial the specialised experience we can provide to the design team. The level of service offered is set to meet the level of detail required. As a single source specialty contractor for over 30 years we bring real cost, detail and constructability information that traditional consulting and costing methods cannot. Cost and design certainty early in the process means shorter design and pricing cycles, and consequently, a faster transition to construction.

“Listen, Innovate, Collaborate and Solve”

Design of its nature covers a spectrum of requirements, architecture, form and function. Hence, the evaluation and identification of client needs are paramount and Novum is a serious partner.

Listening Drives Solutions. Our team is collaborative and consultative. Understanding a client’s goal for a project enables us to engineer, propose and then refine ideas and options that match all objectives from geometry, system choices, materials, thermal performance, light transmission and aesthetics to program schedule, construction and budget.

Solution Finding versus Product Promotion. Novum is distinct in having 18 System Products and the ability to customize each project accordingly. Our single source approach is unique to intelligent resolution of design, construction and price using the appropriate materials and integrated products, as opposed to the more widely used commodity unit price method of “mixing” individual products and “missing” interfaces.

Specialist Support versus Consulting. Novum engineers create structures for strength and serviceability, supplying the design team with the interface structural reaction loads and details applicable to our scope in accordance with prescribed loadings. In conjunction with key structural interfaces, we provide principal cladding details, drainage plans and more. We are a specialty contractor responsible for our products and trade and its engineering. However, we are not the engineer or architect of record or responsible for the associated purpose, code and permitting requirements.

“Plan, Define, Estimate, Value Engineer and Specify”

As architectural design nears completion, Novum provides further comprehensive pre-construction support as the transition from concept to construction occurs. Final estimates are prepared and construction means methods are considered. True value engineering may be required as opposed to quality or design changes. Importantly, project construction documents and product specifications are developed.

Technology Provides Opportunity. The flexibility and interchangeable nature of the intelligently developed Novum System Products is such that design, schedule or budget changes are readily solved. Internationally recognised modeling software plus modern communication and website meeting tools bring stakeholders closer together.

Construction Services

“Manage, Schedule, Source, Fabricate and Build”

Irrespective of the project location, transitioning from project development to contract execution demands superior attention to detail. Novum excels at providing the necessary project and contract management, logistics, planning, scheduling, engineering, fabrication, sourcing and site supervision to move projects of all complexities to completion collaboratively and on time. We are team oriented and proactive in resolving any unforeseen events.

Schedule Controls Success. Novum steel and membrane systems are typically fabricated in our own workshops plus we inventory an impressive range of glazing accessories. Having proven product standards and inventory provides us with superior control over both quality and delivery schedules. Our international procurement and quality team source any other required materials from only those vendors that meet the company’s exacting specifications. Logistics are carefully planned and monitored so that materials arrive on site and in the required time frame, irrespective of their place of origin. Novum Field Managers ensure that installation is in accordance with method statements, drawings and agreed durations with safety as the primary importance.

Act Local, Support Global. Project managers who are local to the construction site are assigned to each project and experienced site managers are well versed in our wide range of products and the complexities of often working away from home. For each project, a team is assembled to support the project manager with the technical purchasing, fabrication, supply and logistics to meet all key schedules. The team is formed after assessment of the necessary in-house skills to execute the job to client needs. This “resource matching” is based on complexity, schedule and location.

“Comply, Analyze, Develop and Detail”

Project engineers produce formal drawing and calculation submissions which in turn lead to production drawings, detailed bills of material and ultimately all project specific parts being produced to code, specification and Novum quality standards. Importantly, this engineering is performed in-house by a skilled team of engineers, designers and detailers.

Our Process is Rigorous. Following a confirmed award, the project team takes a fresh view of the job using the agreed contract documents. Using sound fundamentals, the assigned technical team applies the appropriate codes, develops final geometries, performs structural and cladding analysis, creates details, organizes testing protocols if necessary, considers the impacts of method statement to the design, creates submittal drawings and calculations and ultimately releases fabrication drawings and crucially precise bills of materials. Technical tasks are done with an eye to safety first and with respect to project timeframes which include peer and third party reviews. Wherever possible, the technical team uses integrated Novum System Products and in-house developed software tools which assist timely automated design and production processes.

Engineering Controls Risk. The Novum approach to design is different than many specialty contractors, traders or manufacturers as we don’t outsource it and we are committed to it. Excellent engineering is the core requirement for executing safe, often optimised, exquisite and functional architectural structures and their enclosures. Our extensive technical staff work in local teams located in UK, Germany and USA. Novum’s consistency across each region is achieved through the use of the same tools, procedures, product specifications and peer interaction. Specialties require specialists and we have them.

Communication, Relations and Action. Construction regrettably can sometimes become confrontational, but at Novum we believe this is avoidable. Novum Project Managers are tasked to become the point of contact with the clients to maintain progress to schedule. The project managers are proactive at all times and the goal of good teamwork is to deliver the contracted scope smoothly and to full satisfaction. Client interaction starts early and continues to completion.

Post Construction Services

“Warrant, Maintain, Satisfy, Review and Improve”

Novum’s commitment to client satisfaction goes beyond project completion. Warranty support and optional maintenance are an integral part of a Novum project and provides clients with the security of knowing that Novum’s care and expertise extend well past initial occupancy.

Operating and maintenance manuals are issued for each project along with warranties. Warranty items are dealt with promptly. However, non-warrantable items can occur and our staff can assist.

Prevent, Preserve and Repair. Glass can inadvertently be scratched or broken by occupants, other parties or even break spontaneously. We keep accurate records of project glass panel sizes and original vendors and can quickly reorder panels as needed, promptly initiate any temporary measures and install the new panels. On membrane applications, the AFP-System has mechanical units, filters, airlines and valves. We provide equipment and instruction to the building owner’s team prior to leaving the site and also check the units during the warranty period. We offer facility managers optional maintenance contracts of various durations that extend beyond the warranty period as preventative maintenance is the best way to extend building life cycles.

Quality Brings Success. Novum’s proven and ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is built on reviewing and acting on prior experiences. Our warranty expenditures are impressively low but the goal is still zero. We trust our business philosophy of placing client satisfaction over short term gain.

Facilities Management + OEM

“Identify, Plan, Implement and Satisfy”

Novum Facilities Management teams operate primarily in Europe. We provide varied maintenance services to a diverse set of clients and building owners on their existing facilities. Inspections are performed and reports are made that clearly define the necessary scope of service. Our services include refurbishment, painting, reglazing, removal, membrane cleaning, general cleaning, bird protection, patching and more. For those tough, less accessible locations, we provide experienced abseiling experts ensuring that all work is done safely. Projects are carefully planned to provide minimal interruption to operations.

OEM Services, Supporting Markets. We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the broader market for certain items. Our state-of-the-art German membrane production facility fabricates membrane panels (ETFE, PTFE and PVC) in accordance with external businesses own designs. These strategic partners may be project management companies who do not have their own production capability or fabricators who have a capacity constraint. The market for membranes extends beyond the architectural market and Novum is expanding into exciting opportunities in agriculture, energy, recreation and more.