How much do you know about our Membrane manufacturing facility?

Novum is a specialist fabricator of membrane materials for architectural, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. Not only are we a global leader in the design and fabrication of ETFE projects, we also have strong experience in the fabrication of other membrane materials such as PTFE Glass, PVC-PES, Tenara and Silicone Glass.

We run a highly specialised 1800m2 facility in Veitschochheim, with the capacity to produce 50,000m2 of membrane annually. Our high-tech software processes data directly from the engineering output, allowing the optimal cutting of single-layer material into unique subcomponent shapes. Our facility houses three travelling ETFE welding machines which use heated welding beams to fuse pre-cut patterns into large, custom ETFE forms and shapes. We remain the only ETFE factory with the ability, knowledge and experience to offer the specialised application of laser welding to ETFE. Our technical and production staff continually improve the manufacturing equipment and processes associated with fabricating ETFE foils. As a market leader, we are noted for enhanced design techniques to reduce wrinkling and improved welding quality and weld times.

The key features of our membrane business are deeply rooted in an understanding of the materials themselves, and in strong engineering. We have an exclusive system of products that integrate membranes into any architectural application.  We’re able to assist clients in finding the right material to meet their visual, performance and cost needs. Each membrane material has its own unique characteristics which impact the end-product and the production process. We have systems for SSM “Single Skin Membrane” applications and inflated AFP “Air Filled Pillows” which incorporate multiple layers. All production follows a detailed fabrication process to ensure quality and excellent on-time delivery.

Our primary focus is to produce state of the art high-quality membranes and deliver them on time to clients anywhere in the world. A variety of project delivery options are possible, and we work closely with customers to find the appropriate process.

Building maintenance is of increasing importance to owners. We provide Facilities Management Services to assist owners and users in the long-term maintenance of their membrane investments, even if we didn’t provide the original materials. We have specialist expertise for the repair, cleaning and maintenance of membrane applications. Novum constructed projects typically offer post-warranty maintenance contracts.

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