999 17th Street

This 3-dimensional façade stands out in downtown Denver due to its unique folded geometry. The glazing consists of fully tempered insulated glass units, with a laminated outer lite, a highly reflective low-e coating on the #4 surface and a fritted band to camouflage the floor slab behind the facade. The unique geometry, combined with the highly reflective low-e coating, creates a stunning effect as it presents a distorted reflection of the surrounding city. The support structure consists of rectangular HSS tubes spanning in a primarily vertical direction, each individually custom-fabricated with “kinks” to follow the flow of the glass façade. The glass is attached back to the support structure with a continuous silicone gasket behind the glass and a series of patch plates at the front of the glass to support it against wind suction. In addition, supplemental stainless steel point supports were used to attach the glazing to the support structure.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Size: 13,000 sq ft / 1,210 sq m

Systems Used: AES, ECG, PSG

Architect: Davis Partnership Architects