Hayward’s 21st Century Library

Novum was contracted to furnish and install glass and steel for multiple areas of the 21st Century Library in Hayward, CA. Novum’s scope consists of a Cable Wall, (3) Steel T Walls and a Canopy. The Cable Wall measures approximately 27’-0” wide by 50’-0” tall. Structural support consists of tension cables spaced approximately 3’-10” o.c. The glazing attaches to the cables via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System. To the exterior side of the Cable Wall, there are six gorgeous glass fins. The glass fins extend the full height of the wall and are 3’-0” wide. The Steel T Walls are all located on Level 2 at the Community Room, the Small Community Room and the Teen Popout areas. Structural support consists of steel T’s behind each vertical glass joint. The glazing attaches to the T’s via Novum’s Edge Clamped Glass System. The Canopy measures approximately 44’-0” wide and extends 5’-0” from the building face. Structural support consists of painted steel plate outriggers with pipe and tension rod bracing. The glazing is suspended from the structure via Novum’s Point Supported Glass System. Novum was thrilled to have been part of such an integral renovation for the city of Hayward.

Location: Hayward, California, USA

Size: 3,525 sq ft / 330 sq m

Systems Used: AES, TC, TR, GG, PSG, ECG

Architect: Noll & Tam