Jack Daniel’s Barrel House

This glass box is intended to be an invisible barrier in the center of the Jack Daniel's Barrel House to create a special room where visitors can enjoy tastings of whiskey amid the barrels that created the whiskey they were sampling. Originally conceived as a cable facade, it soon became apparent that the historic building would not be able to take the required pretension of the cables. Novum then proposed a solution of suspended steel fins that would require no pretension yet be small enough to disappear into the surroundings. The fins were treated with a clear finish to protect them from corrosion while creating a raw, unfinished look that blended in with the rustic surroundings. These fins support crystal clear low-iron glass with open glass joints. Novum’s CCG-System was chosen because it provides maximum transparency and the finish could be customized to match the aesthetic of the barrel house.

Location: Lynchburg, TN, USA

Size: 4,900 sq ft / 455 sq m

Systems Used: AES, TC, CCG

Architect: Tuck Hinton Architects

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